After a few years of experimenting with Adobe Lightroom, I have designed my own set of presets, which I use for almost all of my photos. I’ve crafted them over time so they suit a variety of different photos and styles. They are designed to make your images stand out by bringing out the right tones specific to the environment, as well as optimising the highlights, contrast and shadows. In this pack you will receive 8 custom made presets that I use for all of my photos, designed to suit a variety of landscapes and styles.

Along with the presets you will receive instructions on how to setup the presets in Adobe Lightroom on both your desktop and for the free Lightroom app on your mobile. I have also included a tutorial video showing you:

  • How to apply the preset and make adjustments to suit the photo
  • My favourite tricks for enhancing photos using the adjustment brush, radial and gradient filters


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